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    Layouts for multi-colour printing

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    We can help our customers in developing a box design or we can use layouts provided by our customers. 

    Ways of submitting information for multi-colour printing 


    CDs are ideal carriers for submitting layouts both concerning compatibility and resolving discussions.

    Requirements to layouts

    The layout shall be made using Windows or Apple Macintosch in Adobe Illustrator software. Accepting layouts in Corel Draw is limited (they should be specially approved).

    All colours used in the layout should be specified in CMYK colour system (Process Separation option ON). Additional colours should be specified as Spot-colours (Spot Color ON) and only in case of printing with more than 4 standard inks.

    We do not recommend using lines less than 0.25 pt (0.1 mm) wide.

    Attention to overlap value for objects. It is recommended to assign Overprint attribute for small objects with black filling or outline (first of all this refers to text).

    Customer should attach to the layout all fonts to be used. We recommend not to use system fonts. In order to avoid incompatibility convert fonts to “curves”. 

    Requirements for vector images

    Acceptable file extensions are EPS, AI. EPS files saved should include images (without compression) contained in the layout. Output resolution of 2400 dpi should be set for all objects. 

    Requirements for screen images

    All colour screen images shall be saved in CMYK colour system. Acceptable file extensions are EPS (JPEG compression may be applied only when using DCS extension and only maximum or high quality, options Include Halftone Screening and IncludeTransfer Function OFF) or TIFF (without compression). Line image resolution (of Bitmap type) should not be less than 600 dpi.

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