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  • Ñorrugated case materials (CCM)
  • Corrugated board and corrugated boxes
  • High Quality Offset Printing Department
  • Finished product design and pre-production processes
  • Finished product packing and delivery
  • Layouts for multi-colour printing
  • Product range
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    High Quality Offset Printing Department

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    Availability of complete production complex for high quality offset printing, including preprinting devices allows production of large numbers in short periods. 

    This department was the first in Ukraine to start production of F microflute with the flute height of 1.0–1.2 mm, and N microflute with the flute height of 0.8–1.0 mm. These are used for exquisite decorative packaging. 

    5-colour Planeta P-57 printing machine is used for offset printing. By customers’ request sheets after printing can be also covered with UV varnish.

    Microflute exiting the corrugator-laminator is litho-laminated with fine printed sheets. Downstream the process these litho-laminated sheets are subject to die-cutting and gluing to obtain finished packaging. 

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