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  • Đorrugated case materials (CCM)
  • Corrugated board and corrugated boxes
  • High Quality Offset Printing Department
  • Finished product design and pre-production processes
  • Finished product packing and delivery
  • Layouts for multi-colour printing
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    Corrugated board and corrugated boxes

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    Company corrugators produce single-face, single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall corrugated board of B, C, E, F and N flutes. The number of liner and fluting layers defines the maximum loads that corrugated boxes can withstand. 

    Corrugated boxes are produced on the Martin, Simon, Bobst, etc. conversion machines. Wide range of types, sizes and designs of transit corrugated containers corresponds to FEFCO standards and definitions.


    In 2004 Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Packaging Mill was the first in Ukraine and CIS to implement new equipment for making corrugated boxes with 6-colour flexographic printing. High resolution allows to print small details and letters 1.8 mm high.

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