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  • Ñorrugated case materials (CCM)
  • Corrugated board and corrugated boxes
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    Ñorrugated case materials (CCM)

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    We have 15 years experience in liner and fluting production.

    The Board Machine and the Paper Machine located at the site in Rubezhnoye have a total capacity of more than 140 000 tonnes; these machines provide CCM for the plants in Rubezhnoye and in Ukrainka. 

    Waste paper with some virgin pulp added is used at the Paper Mill to make testliner including white-top liner and mottle liner (having a top layer of bleached virgin pulp).

    The Company experts developed and implemented their own technology for corrugated medium production of 100% waste paper.

    Testliner and fluting are used mostly as corrugated case materials (CCM), excess liner and fluting are sold in the open market.

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