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    Cases for large-size and heavy products

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    One of our Martin converters can make packaging for the largest household refrigerators (up to 1.8 m high). Double-wall or triple-wall corrugated board that can withstand heavy loads is usually used to make packaging for heavy products, such as machine building products, etc.

    Containers of triple-wall corrugated board

    Triple-wall corrugated board having thickness of 9 mm and higher is used to make large-size containers for transportation of loads up to 500 kg, for bulk products (tobacco, plastic chips and preforms, fertilizers, mixed fodder, individual units and products of machine building industry).  

    Outside dimensions of the containers are optimized with the size of the European pallets and height of shipping vehicles. For customers we can make containers with different dimensions.
    Advantages provided by triple-wall containers are as follows:

    • Compliance to European requirements to product packing;
    •  Low weight and cost in comparison with wooden and metal containers;
    • They can withstand high loads when storing: up to 1000 kg and higher.

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